Sony PS5 Specs, Price, Release Date

Sony is at it again, this time unveiling the PlayStation 5 gaming console. The announcement has attracted plenty of reviews, some comparing it with its previous versions like the PS4 Pro, PS4, PS3, etc. The price in USA for one is not that costly.

Sony expects this console to push its sales much higher than its predecessor versions. People living in Europe, North American, Australia, South America, and Japan can expect them in stores starting in late November. You can expect the PlayStation 5 to compete against the Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

A brief overview

Sony is using the next-generation console on the PlayStation 5. This is according to the words of the department lead architect. Some suggest that the design is to be ready just before the release of the console. The ps5 is portable and its price in USA is quite affordable. This new design has everyone talking. However, game enthusiasts are more interested in its other features such as an 8 core, Dualshock 5,16-thread CPU microarchitecture which is similar to PS4 pro and provides excellent performance even for the most demanding graphics.

The console also features an SSD memory storage, Dualshock 5 features, larger bandwidth and 8k graphics for a more immersive gaming experience. The battery is also quite large. A USB type C charger provides excellent charging and allows you to play as the console refills its storage batteries.

Sony has set the bar quite high. It’s been releasing teasers since 2019. Environmental agencies support the company’s initiatives on creating more energy-saving products. The cost price is not that high.

Sony Play Station specs

Many expect the Sony PlayStation 5 to be something entirely. On their part, Play Station players expect this version to make up for some of the shortcomings of the previous versions such as incompatibility, better resistance, portable, more innovative designs, etc.

Here are some of the most interesting specs about PS5.

Backward compatible with PS4 Games

Sony confirms that the new upgraded console will be able to accommodate games from its PS4 predecessor. This comes as a relief for gamers who thought that the new version would require a completely new set of games as the previous version did. Attributed to the fact that both play stations use the same microarchitecture design.

Sony expects to use this as a marketing strategy to increase sales for its ps5 and encourage purchases from the new and current console owners. The cost price has been increasing over time due to new upgrades.

Energy Saving Features

The new ps5 comes with an upgraded energy-saving feature. A recent announcement by Sony and its partner Green initiative movement unveiled plans for a more environmentally friendly console. The console is set to use less energy during inactive, sleep modes. For instance, if a million people utilizing the feature, the energy would be enough to power 1000 US homes.

PS5 Controller

You can expect plenty of improvements to Sony’s new console. The developers are looking for a more immersive experience using the sense of touch. It's estimated price is quite affordable.

The controller features high-quality haptic feedback, dual shock vibrators, adaptive triggers, etc. For instance, you can feel the resistance of a bow as you pull it using your console. Here are numerous suggestions on the improvements in texture, response rate, etc.

Although most of the information is not yet available to the public, gamers are expecting a completely new feeling while using this all-new controller.

The Logo

The ps5 logo remains the same through numerous upgrades. In this version, many Play Station fans expected Sony to unveil a new version of the logo. However, recent reports suggest that the company does not wish to make any drastic changes to its brand. You can expect the logo to remain unchanged.

PVSR features & User Interface

Play Station 5 will support VR features. Although there is not much to say about it, the new Play Station console expects to compete against Nintendo Switch and other game companies currently applying Virtual reality in their bid to attract new players.

The interface is highly interactive and you can get to see more details about your friends without the need to switch on applications. You can also enjoy multiplayer game mode much more easily with the ability to join the game at any time.


Sony is yet to release more information on its pricing. However, it does suggest that the new console will be quite attractive to buyers. Sony seems to have learned from its previous versions including the PS3 high price and subsequent troubles and PS4 moderate pricing and its subsequent effects.

In my opinion, the estimated price is reasonable given its advancements and new features. The cost of PlayStation 5 should not be too high that it could dissuade play station owners from making an upgrade.

Date Release

Many gamers are eagerly waiting for Sony to announce the date release for the new Play Station 5 gaming console. If the company sticks to its traditional release dates, late November might be the best time. The Americas, Europe, Australia, and Japan might be the first to receive their shipments.

Who knows, Sony is full of surprises and they might just have one under their sleeve. The last time was after a couple of Play Station conferences, this year we are yet to see one.