How to get ps5 early

We’ve begun to unveil more details behind the technical and hardware components that make PlayStation 5 such an innovative and powerful platform – the ultra-high-speed SSD, integrated custom I/O system, custom AMD GPU with ray tracing, and highly immersive 3D audio. With these capabilities, PS5™ will allow developers to maximize their creativity, building expansive worlds and new play experiences in the games they design.

Visit PlayStation Blog for more details on the technical specs and DualSense, the new Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5.

You will of course have many choices to choose from but knowing where the best deals will be important. We have begun compiling a list of where you will be able to pre-order the PS5.

Where to buy the PS5?

  • - World's largest online retailer with the strongest and most reliable distribution. Of course they will be selling the PS5!
  • BestBuy - Best Buy Pre-Order Notify Page
  • - Sony will likely have pre-orders.
  • - They once ran out of PS4's but hopefully not this time.
  • - Highly likely.
  • - Membership has it's benefits.

May 15, 2020 6:29 AM
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The pre-order is not A bad idea but A better idea is one: All games should be 4k or better And the games you have can be downloaded to your library on the console of Choice either Ps4 or Ps5 the ps 5 however could offer Software upgrades for the games you Already have in the library not hardware Downgrade chips in the system keep the system for upgrades. Two: Hardware Always gets outdated so Create A Light usb Network With plugs

May 15, 2020 6:31 AM


if sony really wants to sell hardwares sell Components to A system and let us build our system as we grow as A loyal user of your hard wares and use your And other Game Networks make the PSP also hardware upgradeable and batterypacks that clip to your belt And use an Usb for linking together. use Also An optics port for better processors to linkin No Blue tooth unless You build Anew System call it Green Horn And then make head Sets for the portable system And Home system Can use and call it Red Eyes the whole system when linked becomes a “monster creation” ID like to call the Whole thing PSMC If Sony wants to contact me for ideas They can Write to 60 Courtyard Dr. Carlisle PA 17013.

May 15, 2020 6:43 AM

We might not have that without playstation xbox Microsoft may not of thought of xbox we may be stuck with Nintendo and Sega because next gen ideas hadn’t started with playstation.

May 15, 2020 6:44 AM


Its about 7 years (soon 8 years)! Ps5 didn’t come out! Is the playstation shy to show ps5 to the public? If ps5 doesn’t come out any faster people, may change their minds of buying ps5 system and might buy xbox x or xbox s.

I wish we can pre order now so we will have more fun on ps5. Remember it has backward compatibility, faster speed(faster loading time), and better graphics.

May 15, 2020 6:48 AM



If he does work on these things, he is under a Non-Disclosure Agreement and would be subject to termination, and possible legal ramifications for talking about the project to people not involved with the project.

May 15, 2020 6:49 AM